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BitCoin Panic: Department of Homeland Security Shuts Down Dwolla Payments Of Mt. Gox (Video) | Alternative

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Yes, but will the government bail out the bitcoin holders?  Not in this lifetime.

It's bitcoin... mtgox is just a trading site... and considering the $70M lawsuit, there's prolly something hinky going on.

Agree.  Unless the government tries to compel bitcoin holders to turn over their private keys as part of tying their ownership to previous criminal activity (something that is possible given the cryptography relationship), bitcoin will carry on.  What won't carry on is the liquidity of the markets. Thus, this news is a big blow to the liquidity and thus the valuation.

Aren't private keys protected under the second amendment?

That was my second guess.

Lol, I probably would have said 4, 5, and then 1 in that order.

But not 2? I thought most software is considered weaponry.

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