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Moshe Vardi: Robots Could Put Humans Out of Work by 2045 | Singularity Hub

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Perhaps in the future, while some of us work hard to build and program super-intelligent machines, others will work hard to entertain, theorize, philosophize, and make uniquely human creative works, maybe even pair with machines to accomplish these things. These may seem like niche careers for the few and talented. But at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, jobs of the mind in general were niche careers.

I was hoping not to have to wait 30 years to retire. Can't the robots work faster?

Btw I thought there were more articles about the end of jobs on PandaWhale but I can't find them.

Where's Robot Launchpad when you need her?

The above are about developments that don't end jobs but are very interesting nonetheless. 

Those are both good but I was hoping for something more like The Economist or The Atlantic or WSJ.

About a post-employment world and what humans will do. This is great:

In the meantime I made this:

Rather than stash it I will just add the relevant part here:

Well, hardly ever. Nobel prize winning economist Wassily Leontief famously said 30 years ago: “The role of humans as the most important factor of production is bound to diminish in the same way that the role of horses in agricultural production was first diminished and then eliminated by the introduction of tractors.”

This is now happening. Not only are sales of robots increasing faster than employment, the range of things that machines can do is also increasing and broadening rapidly.

It’s not just mechanical automation: software development, mass data collection and automated machine-to-machine communication via the internet are also replacing humans in a variety of service industries, including finance and media.

Moreover technology has become a significant force for consumer price deflation, bringing about a second wave of labour cost arbitrage on top of the shift of manufacturing to China and other emerging countries over the past 20 years.

In fact robotics is likely to have more of an impact on employment in emerging countries than in the First World. For example, the world’s largest private sector employer, Chinese manufacturer Foxconn, has built a big robot R&D and manufacturing facility in Taiwan and is now working with Google on developing a new robotics industry.

Not only will Google and Foxconn shift Foxconn’s own manufacturing towards automation, but they also will fast-track global production of robots.

Robotics, cloud computing, big data and the internet of machines are at least as important as the shortage of demand in causing low inflation and high unemployment around the world.

Sorry to let this discussion get past! Have been talking to many experts about robots/jobs/society and collecting interesting opinions. Pew Internet report recently raised topic again (not very deeply imho) 

There's also


and basically the whole collection:

Thanks you so much!  

Yes, thank you Andra!

And now I have made this too:

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