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Terry Tate, Office Linebacker

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I referred to this classic video this morning and two people hadn't seen it, so I'm stashing it for them to enjoy.

According to Wikipedia, "Terry Tate: Office Linebacker was a series of short comedy television commercials created by Rawson Marshall Thurber, for Reebok, based on a short film pilot he created in 2000; Tate was first shown at Super Bowl XXXVII in 2003."

The catch phrases were beautiful spoofs of Nike Ads:

The catchphrases include "The pain train's comin'", "You kill the joe, you make some mo'", "You can't cut the cheese wherever you please!", "Cu'z when its game time, it's pain time!", "Don't bring that weak ass stuff up in this humpy-bumpy" and "Woo-woo!" After tackling a worker, Terry usually leaves him with a "WOOH! Bitch!"

Catch phrases built for a post-Office Space era.

The actor who plays Terry Tate, Lester Speight, never actually played for the NFL.

If the above 4-minute version is too long for you, the 1-minute Superbowl version below will give you the gist:

The Terry Tate character has his own website:

Is Terry Tate related to Golden Tate?

Ha! No. But good thinking.

I think it's more likely he's related to Terry Crews.

Terry Crews funny quote

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