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Caerostris darwini web.png - Wikipedia

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Darwin's Bark Spider. Toughest silk, largest webs. Madagascar is now off my list of places to visit.

You and me both. I'm sticking to America, where the spiders are tiny!


Looks like great family bonding time!

Is that Tarzan?

Tarzan and Jane with their adopted son, Boy (in web).

I had no idea they adopted! (Is that really his name?) . . . Then again, if he's walking into spider webs, they should name him after he demonstrates stronger survival instincts. 

Orphaned kids seems to be a regular occurrence in that area. Do they live in the Burmuda Triangle??

Those orphans in the Bermuda Triangle - they're characters!

Did I mention that insects and spiders would get bigger if the amount of oxygen doubled?

Yes, I saw that!  These giant spiders could feed on our sunburned carcases in the rubble of all the collapsed concrete buildings.  Thanks!

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