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Insect Robot Spy Drone

Insect Robot Spy Drone

Source: Justin Mathew

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Can be remotely controlled.

Equipped with a camera and microphone.

Can take a DNA sample or leave a tiny RFID tracker in your skin. Nanotechnology!

It can fly through a window or attach itself to clothing.

I fear for the future of warfare.

That insect robot is not actually real:

It's a mockup of an insect spy drone that will probably be real...eventually.

Such a device could be controlled from a great distance and is equipped with a camera, microphone. It could land on you and then use it's needle to take a DNA sample with the pain of a mosquito bite. Or it could inject a micro RFID tracking device under your skin.

It could land on you and stay, so that you take it with you into your home. Or it could fly into a bulding thru a window.

There are well-funded research projects working on such devices with such capabilities.

The device pictured isn't real, but only a CGI mock up.

See also: U.S. accused of making insect spy robots.

Cool idea, but like most of these insanely cool micro devices, battery technology seems to be nowhere near making these practical in military applications.

But maybe that will encourage the military to research better battery tech. That would be tremendously helpful to all of humanity.

Imagine these sold in Target and managed by iPhone. There will be nowhere to hide...

I'm going out to get my tinfoil hat fitted. Be back later.

Air Force developing tiny flying insect drones.

Robot that flies like a bird:

Flying robots:

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