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Infographic: The Multiple Personalities of Coffee

multiples personalities of coffee infographic Imgur

multiples personalities of coffee infographic Imgur


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Which is your favorite?

Milch-kaffe (they're all just coffee w/milk in different languages)

In the summer I like it iced. 

Didn't you mention you don't like coffee?   Here it is in solid form:

I thought coffee in solid rom is Tiramisu.

Guess my heritage:

Italians drink coffee constantly, it’s part of their daily ritual.  The Italian coffee culture consists of many “short” drinks throughout the day, and large amounts are never consumed in one sitting.  As a worker at Sant’Eustachio Il Caffè told me, “we don’t have those things (insert hand gesture mimicking a gigantic venti cup here).”  As the art of Italian living entails breaking every so often (for coffee, or aperitivo) there is a protocol one must follow to fake it as a local while having your daily caffé:

MORNING: Un caffé, or a single espresso, is preferred; one takes it at the bar.  Stand for a moment, savor it, then go on to start the day.  In keeping with consuming small amounts at a time, a single espresso is always had.  One can order a double, but this is not Italian and is usually not on the menu.  A milky drink like a cappuccino can also be had in the morning, as the large amount of milk makes sense to Italians during breakfast time.  Oh, and soy milk?  Skim?  Che cosa?

DAY/AFTERNOON: To much of my dismay, cappuccinos are not traditionally had by Italians after 11 am, though it is possible to order uno cappuccino during the day — especially early afternoon hours — and not be considered strange.  Un altro caffé is usually drunk, as is caffé machiatto (espresso topped with a little steamed milk).  If you only have a moment, go to the bar.  If you are meeting a friend, sit at one of the many sidewalk cafes, located at practically every turn.  As a tourist, it’s always nice to pause, to absorb how Italians live, and feel the energy of this pulsing city.  Skip one of the sights in your guide book, it will still be there tomorrow; the real culture is here, al tavolo.

EVENING/APRES DINER: Italians don’t really drink large amounts of milk after meals, so therefore un caffé (or sometimes, macchiato) is usually sipped after dinner.  If one orders a cappuccino after their meal: a) their tourist flag is waving, and b) Italians simply find it odd.  (Again, this is quite hard for me, as I like to drink cappuccinos all day, every day; they are my comfort food.)

That's Italian!

Can't tell if I'm an addict, businesswoman, or snob....more research needed. 

More research!

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