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The Comic Book Universe, Distilled in Infographics | Brain Pickings

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Interesting stuff, and an interesting page Brain Pickings is ;)

Brain Pickings is one of the best blogs on the Web.

I just wish those infographics were a little... Bigger.

Infographics are the new language of the Information Age:

Ever since the invention of ISOTYPE in the 1930s, infographics have emerged as the new language of the information age, employing visual minimalism to distill everything fromBritish and American politics to the jazz scene of the Roaring Twenties to major movements in philosophy to pop culture and historical events. And, now, infographics are tackling the wild and wonderful world of comics: EnterSuper Graphic: A Visual Guide to the Comic Book Universe (public library) by former Wireddigital design director Tim Leong — a charming compendium of visual syntheses dissecting everything from the trifecta of superhero tropes (apparently, underwear worn on the outside is a make-or-break factor) to the genealogy of Scrooge McDuck’s kin (none of whom, coincidentally, wear underwear) to the Multiverse (or, at least, multi-Earth universe) that emerges from the entire line of DC comics to the daily schedule of the average manga artist.

PS Yeah Walking Dead!

The Comic Book Universe, Distilled in Infographics | Brain Pickings

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