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17 Simple Gifs That Effectively Explain How Things Work

How a zipper works

How a pill press works

How circle strafing works

How a knight in chess can visit every square once

How a tesseract (4D cube) works

How a "sun and planet gear" works

How pi works

How a locomotive engine works

How a caliper works

How a constant velocity joint

How pythagorean theorem works

How a radial engine works

How a second hand (in a clock) works

How a hypotrochoid works

How a Wankel engine works

How a sewing machine works

(Not related but kinda) How the New York Times crossword before the 1996 election worked

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The radial engine is really working it.

This is a GREAT gif!

They all seem like great gifs to me! How a radial engine works:

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