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The cult of "culture" in Silicon Valley should probably pay more attention to Ray Dalio

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To save this post, select a stash from drop-down menu or type in a new one: is one of the best written manifestos on building a great culture. Yet it doesn't get enough love because Bridgewater isn't based here :(.

Kevin, which part of Bridgewater's culture do you like?

This part seems very Silicon Valley:

Our overriding objective is excellence, or more precisely, constant improvement.

This part does not seem like Silicon Valley:

We maintain an environment of radical openness, even though that honesty can be difficult and uncomfortable.

Silicon Valley seems to like its secrets and stealth modes.

Even within companies. Hardly anyone at Apple knows anything they don't need to know, for example.

I actually like both parts, #2 I think is what zuck's working towards

Also all of the self reflection aspects of the principles

I like Dalio's writings in general and obviously a very astute manager but if the goal is constant improvement, I would re-write the opening sentence to say "Bridgewater's objective is constant improvement." which is much improved over "At Bridgewater, our overriding objective is excellence, or more precisely, constant improvement."

And actually "Bridgewater's objective is continual improvement" is better than "Bridgewater's objective is constant improvement"...

@adam: I see what you did there sir. Well played