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Chefs can make insects taste like buttery popcorn. Would you eat them?

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Robert Ferris discusses edible insects as a solution to world hunger:

Last week, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization suggested that edible insects could help secure the global food supply, fight world hunger, reduce greenhouse gases, and help save the environment.

We started wondering, which insects could we incorporate into our diet?

About two billion people around the world, mostly in tropical regions, already belong to cultures that traditionally consume insects. Insect-eating is even making its way into high-end dining.  

We talked to Purdue University entomologist Tom Turpin and one of the report's co-authors, Arnold van Huis, for insights into the best edible bugs.

"When we do our demos, we cook mealworms in some kind of cooking oil or even butter, and you just stir fry them and they taste a little bit like popcorn," Turpin told Business Insider.


Insects, like shrimp and crab and lobster?

Good point, bottom crawlers weren't always considered delicacies.

Unfortunately there's a bigger gross factor when considering edible bugs:

You know what would make them more palatable? If they chopped them up, especially the worms. They always keep them in their original form which is really unappetizing, I hate to say. As for which one I would want to eat from that list: termites! Because they eat our homes and that's not cool. I frown upon eating bees/bee larvae since they are dying off. BTW I was in China and saw all those insects on sticks!

Kind of like corn meal?

Chopped up bugs would make great fritters.  We already eat snail (conch) fritters.

Conches are snails?!

And when we eat them as fritters we grind them up?

I never realized...

Yeah, they're gastropods, "feet that eat" .... and feet that bring you one step closer to eating bugs.

I'm sure I've accidentally eaten bugs without even knowing it, too.

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