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Arrested Development season 4 episodes [fixed to be done in chronological story order] and summaries

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Episode 1: Take to the Sea! (21:48) Download 368p (174 MB) | Download 1080p (950 MB)

The Bluth family once again finds themselves with legal trouble

Episode 2: A New Start (28:53) Download 368p (244MB) | Download 1080p (1.28 GB)

Lindsay, Tobias, and Maeby take a trip to India, and George Sr. starts work on a new project.

Episode 3: That Way, You Have It (43:36) Download 368p (351 MB) | Download 1080p (1.86 GB)

Gob, Lindsay, and Tobias begin their new lives.

Episode 4: Sweat and Squeeze (29:56) Download 368p (254 MB) | Download 1080p (1.31 GB)

The housing crisis forces George Sr. to improvise a new plan, and George Michael experiences college life.

Episode 5: Get Away, Getaway (24:20, 203 MB) Download

Michael joins George Michael at college, and Gob begins a new wild partying lifestyle.

Episode 6: The Anti-Social Network (37:49, 325 MB) Download

George Michael reconnects with Maeby, and Buster's time in the army changes him once again.

Episode 7: Put Up This Wall! (40:19, 317 MB) Download

George Michael conspires to kick his father out of the dorm, and George Sr. finds a new supporter for his project.

Episode 8: The Michael B. Project (47:47, 396 MB) Download

Michael gets recruited to make a movie about his family, and George Sr. runs into some trouble.

Episode 9: Did Somebody Say Wonder? (33:19, 254 MB) Download

Michael attempts to reunite with his son, and Gob devises a plan to take revenge on Tony Wonder.

Episode 10: The Fantastic Four (41:10, 333 MB) Download

Tobias begins work on a new musical, and Michael goes on an awkward double date with his sister.

Episode 11: George Maharis (49:32, 403 MB) Download

Michael attempts to find out who the "other man" is in his relationship, and George Michael deals with his newfound success.

Episode 12: Cinco de Cuatro (53:51, 487 MB) Download

The entire family arrives at the party, not prepared for what awaits them, and Michael hits his lowest point to settle a debt.

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