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NYU visiting professor insults the obese Ph.D.s with ‘impulsive’ tweet - NY Daily News

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"He argued that if everyone ate paleo diets and joined CrossFit, mental and physical health would soar; if we all read The Economist, democracy would thrive; if we all gave up religion, our species would be happier and if we all spoke the same language, empathy and trade would increase while conflict declines.

Miller's answer? Conformity.

And yet, DeCaro asks, where would we be without Winston Churchill, an obese cigar-smoking man who called upon God for the willpower and determination to hold the UK together to defeat the Axis Power in World War II?"

Maybe we'd be without a lot of conflict if we all thought/looked alike, but would we be any happier?

Definitely not happier. Paleo people are in general an unpleasant bunch of people to be around.

I do wonder if he thinks the world would be better off if everyone gave up religion and different languages, too.

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