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The Gardens of Democracy

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Read it? Thoughts?

Yes, I read it because it was recommended by Jimmy Wales while being interviewed on PBS.  I mean, at least he said that he was reading it.  Anyway, I thought of it not only because it was wonderful and dovetails very nicely with what Adam Grant is saying about givers, but because it reminds me of what Gendlin seems to be saying about the unit model vs. the process model.  Here, Nick Hanauer (your kind of biz guy, by the way) and his Mr Liu talk about the Machine Model vs. the Garden Model, and about being a good citizen.  Very exciting!

I just found this:

It does seem very compatible with Give and Take, and Wikipedia too:

What we require now is a new framework for thinking and talking about the economy, grounded in modern understandings of how things actually work. Economies, as social scientists now understand, aren’t simple, linear and predictable, but complex, nonlinear and ecosystemic. An economy isn’t a machine; it’s a garden. It can be fruitful if well tended, but will be overrun by noxious weeds if not.

In this new framework, which we call Gardenbrain, markets are not perfectly efficient but can be effective if well managed. Where Machinebrain posits that it’s every man for himself, Gardenbrain recognizes that we’re all better off when we’re all better off. Where Machinebrain treats radical inequality as purely the predictable result of unequally distributed talent and work ethic, Gardenbrain reveals it as equally the self-reinforcing and compounding result of unequally distributed opportunity.

Yes!  It's very exciting.  Very analogous to Gendlin's Unit Model vs.Process Model.  And then perhaps you see where Focusing fits in?  It's whole paradigm shift, don't you think?

I do. Mostly we have to get people thinking about a world in which everyone benefits by rising standards, instead of a zero-sum-game world in which the only way to succeed is by others failing.

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