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Video Game Logic Is Seriously Flawed

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"Fat Italian plumber can run for fucking hours"

Or can he?


The secret to unlocking her heart is UP UP DOWN DOWN LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT B A START...


In Super Mario you're a vengeful plumber destroying the homes of countless meandering creatures because your girlfriend left you for a turtle.


Bonnie Burton was on MTV True Life: I'm a professional gamer.

Now she's all grown up.

E3 2011 - G4 Girls

Wait, she was a gamer?!


Nintendo, you know this never happens, right?

Nintendo you know this never happens, right?

So flawed.

Video Game Logic is Seriously Flawed

Stop Girl says STAHP!!!

TheStopGirl STAHP gif

Mario parties are not for the weak.

Steal one more star and I'll end you!


See also Gerard Butler gifs.

Mario games really lose something when you replace the fat plumber with meme faces:

There is a flash version of Super Mario where you can play as other NES characters like Link or Samus. The kicker is they all keep their stats from their games. So you can blast blast all the enemies but may be too tall or cant jump high enough, so it adds a bit of a challenge as well. Ill stash it if I ever remember the name.

Please do stash that; it sounds awesome.

I'm pretty sure even in that version I'd go to all the wrong castles!


its called super mario crossover 2.0

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