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A Crystal-Crusted Gown Made with a 3-D Printer -

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“Dita’s Gown,” a dress designed for Dita Von Teese using 3-D printing technology — which is most often used to create objects and architectural models — caused a stir when it was first shown at a symposium on 3-D design in New York last March. 

The gown, which the L.A.-based Schmidt designed with the Brooklyn architect Francis Bitonti (mainly via Skype, over a four-month period), is a true marriage of fashion and architecture. Bitonti built a digital model of Von Teese’s body that Schmidt used to design the garment so that it fit the burlesque performer to a T. Shapeways, a leader in 3-D printing, produced the dress’s 17 sections, which were then assembled by hand before being polished, lacquered and encrusted with more than 12,000 Swarovski crystals. With a netlike nylon structure connected by nearly 3,000 unique joints, the gown is the first fully articulated garment made using 3-D printing.

Big deal. Print me some shorts that actually fit me and I'll be impressed. for the original project detail images.

I wonder why the New York Times only now discovered this.

We had discussed this particular dress back in March when it first came out:

The news hook was its June 12 debut in LA at a costume gala.

The Smithsonian magazine also covered it: (ah, the wonders of medical waiting rooms)

Dita von Teese hot ass 3-d printer dress

She's a model/artist. Von Teese is her name.

dita von teese quote

dita von teese quote

dita von teese quote

Definitely an artist. She happens to like to model and perform too but she's an artist first and foremost.

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