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Mapping Where Americans Eat The Most Fruits And Vegetables

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There are some obvious trends here. The West Coast generally eats the most produce every day; the East Coast eats a lot too. The Midwest and the South lag behind. The report points out that the map looks the way it does because of access to fruits and vegetables (or lack of it).

A number of states with the highest consumption of fruits and vegetables have more environmental supports.For example, adults in Oregon and California eat more vegetables than adults in other states. They also are among the highest in fruit consumption. Oregon and California are also above the national score on access to a healthier food retailer, farmers market density, and farmers market acceptance of nutrition assistance program benefits.

Farmers markets definitely create a context for more fruit and vegetable consumption.

As far as I can tell from looking at the report, they asked people how many TIMES per day they ate fruit and veg. So basically each meal or snack that had any vegetables or fruit counted as one.

Yeah, page 9 of the CDC's State Indicator Report on Fruits and Vegetables. (link in article)

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