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Want To Be A Morning Person? Take A Few Tips From Campers

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Camping for a few nights can completely reset your sleep clock to help you get up earlier.

How early are we talking? 6am? 5am? Earlier?

And coding for a few nights will put these back:) The only escape is coding from the camp.

What if you're AT coding camp?

How early you wake up depends on the sunlight's ability to reach your camp sight and the noisiness of the birds and animals in the vicinity.

All those freaking early birds getting the worm sure do make a lot of noise!

Why would anyone WANT to be a morning person?!?!?

@Adam. Thanks. @Jared... I get up at 4 and write. It's my best and most productive time, when my head is clear, fresh cup of coffee on the table. I've slept in till 6 last couple weeks, and it's cut my productivity considerably. The early morning has a peace and solitude that I can't replicate at any other time during the day. 

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