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8 months in Microsoft, I learned these | /home/alp

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It is how it goes in the corporate world. 


  • Your specialties usually do not matter. Thousands get hired every year out of college and usually randomly assigned to a team (which you can’t change for 1.5 years). It does not matter whether you have mastered MongoDB, created iOS apps, been an Apache committer, created your own networking library, designed user interfaces or bootstrapped your own startup. (Don’t worry, I’m none of these.) You are hired to do get something needed done. I was not expecting that. It could be hard to find a position in corporations matches what you love to do."

This may be true for Microsoft but it's not true for every company.

Microsoft is its own particular brand of sucky culture.

He illustrates many ways in which the culture of Microsoft sucks, but the one that stands out to me is...


2-3 hours of coding a day is great. Before taking the job, I was able to code 8-10 hours a day on my personal projects. Somehow in this environment it is almost impossible to get 2 hours straight of coding for me. I spend most of my time trying to figure out how others’ uncommented/undocumented code work, debugging strange things and attending daily meetings. Apparently it’s not just me and there can be days no single commits are pushed to the source control in a team. And it is okay.



It's not okay.

It sucks.

You should have a sense of urgency rather than wait years and then push out half-baked things like Windows 8 Mobile and poorly thought through strategies like Xbox One.


No, no, no.

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