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The Power of Having An Open Bar in the Office, by Leah Busque of TaskRabbit | LinkedIn

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<It's kind of a running joke: Work for a startup, and you'll get to drink beer in the office. Kegerators are par for the course, beer pong competitions are practically part of the job interview, and company-branded shot glasses and beer cozies are as ubiquitous as T-shirts. At TaskRabbit, we're guilty of living up to the stereotype. You can drink here, when appropriate. And it's done amazing things for our company's culture.

Our office bar is like our kitchen table. In the same way a family gathers around the table to break bread and bond, we convene around our bar to celebrate birthdays and engagements, toast baby showers and product launches, and raise a glass to the successes and failures of each week. Each day, our lunch is served from the bar. By night, it turns into a table for Settlers of Catan battles or classes on coffee roasting. It's not about the drinks, it's about the togetherness.

The bar itself was built in my garage by our VP of Technology, our Head of Mobile Engineering, and our Senior Platform Engineer. They used power tools and their bare hands, and they got sawdust all over the place. Our team of designers worked together to decorate the bar, and the rest of us run a task or two each month to keep it fully stocked. The bar, to us, is much more than a way to grab a quick beer - it's a testament to the spirit of our team.>

Hear, hear!  And here, please, here!

From now on it will be hard for me to think of TaskRabbit without thinking of their bar.

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