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How social media has changed what it means to be a celebrity | Digital Trends

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"So social media and a constantly connected culture have prompted three substantial changes to celebrity: Platforms like Twitter give normal people an opportunity to gain fame, and they also give closely monitored celebrities an opportunity to connect with fans and air their grievances. And our share-everything culture means that average citizens will likely continue to supplant traditional paparazzi. This means it’s easier than ever to become famous, but more of a hassle to retain your privacy once you become the subject of scrutiny. 

But the idea that tweets and selfies can make you famous just reinforces the narcissistic element of social media. People are living their lives as though they’re already famous, since it’s easier to indulge in digital navel-gazing if you tell yourself everyone wants to know about the minutiae of your life."

Agnes, lots of people use tweets and selfies for fame. It feels like narcissism is at least half of Twitter.

Lots of famous people have bad social media stats. It's not correlated.

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