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Vine needs to be stopped



Vine needs to be stopped

Spitted my whole water out, fam.

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dude, hella funny.

Ah Vine. Wasting the world 6 seconds at a time. 

But is it a waste?  I've tried lots of cool techniques because of the portable nature.  Granted, they're shitty videos for actual viewing, but they're fun for me.  It's all about personal windows... and in the end the benefit is in the aggregate and curation of the pool, no?

No. Some Vines might be entertaining but most are not. The ratio of bad to good is way high.

Vines are in need of curation. Like a Vine of the Day blog or something like that.

i have not spent any time trying to discover Vines... only keeping track of my personal network.

i had this feeling that Vine was used more like snapchats, as pieces of dialogue/interactions within cliques of people. And perhaps that's where IG's video will surpass: the level of possible interactions is increased because the content is visible outside of the Walled Garden; 15 seconds gives one a chance to compose in a more serious manner (Maybe people just didn't know what to do with 6 seconds (pans require time! or else they're all blurs.)); and the feature is added onto the existing userbase, which gives it immediate traction/adoption...

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