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Man who snatched wig will have toupée

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Note: the man pictured above is not the wig snatcher. He's included for illustrative purposes only.

Tue Dec 16, 2008 12:09pm EST

(Reuters) - A man was detained in Taiwan after snatching the wig of a member of parliament who had complained against the former president Chen Shui-bian's release from jail, officials said on Tuesday.

Chiu Yi, a ruling Nationalist Party law-maker who has become a household name for his media-friendly offensives against the political opposition, lost his wig on Monday outside the Control Yuan, a government watchdog for state worker conduct.

Chiu had complained to the Control Yuan about the judge who let Chen out of jail on Saturday, pending trial, a Yuan publicist said. Chen was indicted a day earlier for graft, forgery and money laundering.

A Chen supporter grabbed Chiu's wig outside the building, baring a mostly bald head, the publicist and local media said. "It feels like someone pulled my pants down in public," Chiu was quoted telling reporters later.

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