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A Perfect Day for Pandawhales ~ Ryan Marr

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I'm not quite sure what to make of this. Could it be PandaWhale fan fiction? Or just a horrible coincidence?

From the short story...

“Do you like to fish?” Miki interrupted my grandfather.

“Of course I like to fish. Who doesn’t?”

“What’s your favorite kind of fish?” Miki asked a little skeptically. My grandfather paused for a moment while all the wrinkles in his face scrunched together.

“A pandawhale.”

“That’s not a fish. That’s a whale.”


“Whales aren’t fish, they’re mammals. They don’t have gills like fish do.”

“Who told you that? Your dad?”

“No, Mrs. Wilkerson did. She’s my science teacher. She knows more about fish than anyone.” Miki, still gripping the mop handle with both hands, began to pivot on it like a tree caught in the breeze.

“I bet she doesn’t know about pandawhales.”

Apparently when the pandawhales run out of bamboo, they have to eat icebergs for sustenance.

I never realized icebergs had nutritional value.

Then again, neither does bamboo.

PandaWhale Arkiroceti would appreciate this.

A Perfect Day for Pandawhales ~ Ryan Marr Panda Whale head

He has even created

Life as a pandawhale isn't as easy as you may think.

I mean sure it's great, just floating around being a gnawing on some sea bamboo. But sometimes it's rough, like when you realise that God forgot to create you...

His Facebook page adds:

God forgot to create you, an obviously great combo. I mean beyond the obvious metaphysical problems, you have to deal with the practical problems of finding a good source of aquatic bamboo, and a mate that accepts me for me. It's not easy trying to explain that inside my thick skinned/furred body I'm just like everyone else.

He then quotes spider-pandawhale:

With great power comes great responsibility.

He is a person who takes panda whales VERY seriously. Well played, sir!

PandaWhale Art from Arkitoceti

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