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Hands On With Samsung's Waterproof Galaxy S4 Active

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Most common wetness?  Dropped in the toilet...eww.

Yeah, people should not be using this device anywhere near a toilet.

When I called Apple support to get my iphone 4 replaced twice because it wouldn't work with my motorola bluetooth headset or my wife's Sync system in her car, they were really odd about it.  They didn't believe that the bluetooth wasn't working and gave me a whole list of superficial stupid things to try to make it work when the answer was right in front of their face: their bluetooth stack wasn't compatible with the other bluetooth implementations.  Before returning it, the support guy tried to get me to admit that the reason the bluetooth wasn't working was that I might have dropped it in the toilet and if that was the case, I should just tell him now.  

The whole conversation was surreal, but I guess it happens a lot.  

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