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Wu-Tang’s Sign Language Interpreter at Bonnaroo 2013

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She's putting on more of a show than the ten guys on stage.

Wu-Tang Clan ain't nothing to mess with!

Nicolas Cage laughing gif Face-Off

By the way, Wu-Tang interpreter Holly Maniatty is a badass:

From the Reddit thread:

sign language is natural very open and expressive, while hearing people have learned to rely on tone and inflection to carry meaning, that's pretty useless for the Deaf community. so they use what to our eye is outsized and over the top expressions.

she's rapping a song, you can't rap a song like you're some kind of ASL robot and expect to get across all that the song itself is conveying.

This is actually a micro-genre of music videos on YouTube if you're interested in more:

Family Guy panel trolls sign language interpreter:

Swearing is hella expressive in sign language too!!!

Wow, I had forgotten her. Thanks for the reminder!

Fuck you, I'll drive to your house and shoot you with a bow and arrow then cut your throat and then go to a church and give double handjobs. - PandaWhale

I can't imagine you guys don't remember this PandaWhale post!

I didn't remember it. So many things have come and gone on PandaWhale since October...

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