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Return to Sender: Did Shiva Ayyadurai Invent Email?

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Now there's a pickup line: "I invented email."

Actually, as I read this I kept thinking about the following:

History is rife with stories of feuds between inventors (Alexander Graham Bell famously — some would say suspiciously — submitted the patent for a telephone on the very same day in 1876 as fellow inventor Elisha Gray). “This is an incredibly common story,” Deborah Douglas, the curator of science and technology at the MIT Museum, says of Shiva’s claims. “There is not a significant invention that has not been accompanied by virtually identical narratives of dissent and disagreement.”

There are three types of founder: the ones that want fame, the ones that want money, and the ones that want power.

(Power can be power to create products, not necessarily power over people.)

I find it hard to trust founders who want fame.

Money and power seem like more trustworthy motivations.