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Psychological Facts That Make People Click:

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Dr. Susan Weinschenk is the behavioral scientist behind What Makes Them Click.

She wrote 100 Things You Should Know About People.

BusinessInsider distilled them down to 48 Human Facts that Make People Click on Things.

My favorites:

1. People cannot resist paying attention to food, sex, or danger.

2. Bite sized chunks of info are best.

4. Even the illusion of progress is motivating.

8. We underestimate the effect our instructions have on where someone looks.

9. You overestimate your reactions to future events.

13. You are hard-wired for imitation and empathy.

15. Your most vivid memories are wrong.

16. No two people perceive time the same way.

17. You are most affected by Brands and Logos when you are sad or scared.

18. Trust logic when making simple decisions. Trust your gut when making complicated decisions.

22. Your mind wanders 30% of the time.

25. People are inherently lazy.

26. People assume it's you, not the situation.

27. We think that choices = control, but that's not true. More choices paralyze us.

28. People expect interactions to follow social rules.

29. When uncertain, people look to others to decide what to do.

30. We choose the first option most frequently.

32. You can only remember 3-4 things at a time.

34. You make most of your decisions unconsciously.

35. You reconstruct your memories.

36. You actually can't multi-task.

37. Dopamine makes you addicted to seeking information.

40. You want more choices and information than you can actually process.

41. Want to change a habit? Use fun, surprise, and a crowd.

43. People value a product more highly if it is physically in front of them.

45. The brain looks for simple patterns.

48. There are four types of creativity.

Really, the whole scoop is worth a read.

Susan's 100 Things You Should Know About People has moved:

The average person has 3000 thoughts a day. Or more.


Source: tinyfacts tumblr

I had not seen that top 10 list before; thank you for sharing it, Eric!

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