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Crappy '80s Cartoons Had One Redeeming Value | Underwire |

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cool little article about cartoons

Kids cartoons today are fucking retarded.

The only cool cartoons are the ones targeted at young adults that were watching those badass cartoons in the 80s.

There was a time that cartoons were considered to be inherently juvenile, but as our generation ages I think we'll see cartoons that follow us as we move through demographic groups.

Imagine us being 75 years old and watching cartoons about old person problems on Cartoon Network's "Geriatric Swim" lineup :)

I cant think of too many strictly "kids" cartoons today. So many have references to things only older generations would understand especially on cartoon network. It feels like they're trying to make a new a generation of cartoons much like the ones from the 90s.

I watch a show called "Regular Show" on Cartoon Network about a blue jay and a raccoon who are dumbass slackers and play video games instead of working. And a huge portion of the jokes are 80s reference like hair metal, D&D, arcade high scores, karate etc. Also Mark Hamill is the voice of a yeti, even that's a reference.

Yeah, pretty much the entire Cartoon Network is geared toward teens and adults.

And if I look on Nickelodeon, "Spongebob Square Pants" does not seem like a kid show to me.

I'll be watching cartoons when I'm 75. If I make it to 75.

Regular Show is awesome.  I think it's the only show I watch regularly on TV.

Putting it on my To Do list.

Regular show gif

Regular show gif

Regular show gif

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