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Successful people who were once homeless:

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What do Jewel, Jim Carrey, Suze Orman, Daniel Craig, Michael Oher, Ella Fitzgerald, Charlie Chaplin, and Harry Houdini have in common?

All were homeless before they were successful.

Some lived in their cars. Some lived in shelters. Others, outdoors.

I enjoyed the story of Halle Berry:

When she first moved to Chicago to become an actress, Berry ran out of money and her mother decided the best thing would not be to send her daughter money.  During these struggling times, the actress admits to staying in a homeless shelter.

In an interview with Star Pulse, the actress said:

"It taught me how to take care of myself and that I could live through any situation, even if it meant going to a shelter for a small stint, or living within my means, which were meager. I became a person who knows that I will always make my own way."

Homelessness taught those later-successful people the value of self-reliance.

They went on to become "overnight successes".

More proof that overnight successes aren't overnight.

Read more homeless-to-success stories.

Read more rags-to-riches stories.

Update to include Kelly Clarkson, Carmen Electra, Hillary Swank, and John Woo:

Rich And Famous People Who Used To Be Homeless - Business Insider

I've now created a homeless stash.

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