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The United States of Burgers: 50 States, 50 Burgers, an Interactive Map | A Hamburger Today

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Cuban Fritas

Classic Miami-style Cuban fritas are little hamburgers made with seasoned beef and pork, occasionally flavored with chorizo, but their real defining characteristic is the handful of thin-cut shoestring fries that gets pressed down onto each patty before being topped with a squirt of spicy ketchup. Our backyard grilled version is a little bigger, but the spirit remains the same.

Fries IN the burger?! Madness!!


Pennsylvania is the state recognized for insane fry placement:

In California, the stoners like to embed their fried foods in the burgers so they don't get grease all over their video game controllers.

From sea to shining sea



The Hot Hawaiian

Perhaps it's a stereotype to say that Spam and pineapple are the most iconic modern Hawaiian-American ingredients, but, well, a fact's a fact. Fortunately, the two go smashingly well together. We've combined them along with a grilled burger patty, a couple slices of Swiss cheese, and a dollop of spicy sriracha mayo for our Hot Hawaiian Burgers.

The spam and pineapple I understand, but an english muffin?!

Sriracha goes with almost EVERYTHING

English muffin - a nod to Captain James Cook?

That's a stretch, but I still gotta give it the applause.

The Rock applause clapping gif

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