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Apricot and Almond Tart

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I live in Sunnyvale, which used to be the apricot and prune capital of America. There is one small orchard left behind the historical society, so kids can see the trees. Every July 4th they sell the most delicious Blenheim apricots, perfectly ripe.

Looks wonderful, although putting the pile of bread next to it is odd.

Picnic season!

Pretty sure you don't actually need to chill/rest and then roll out this pastry. Let's face it: you're basically making a gigantic shortbread cookie. I'm pretty sure that immediately after the kneading, you could just press the pastry into the tart pan and call it a day. You'd still need to chill it in the tart pan for an hour afterwards, but even after assiduous rolling I was never able to get an even 1/4 inch thick sheet of dough that didn't crack like crazy... so I had to eventually resort to just pressing it into the pan anyway.

I recently tested my "don't need to roll it out" theory and I think I was right. By just minimally kneading the dough and then pressing it into the tart pan I got a very tender crust -- MUCH more tender than the first time when I think my rolling and chilling efforts actually made it overworked and glutenous. Because you're pressing it into a pan instead of cutting it into shapes, it doesn't need to be super firm and cold.

Good insights. Any more insights into the almond nut paste?

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