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Don't bother taking a video of fireworks.

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What if it's a fireworks factory catching fire? Can I get an exception, please?

Thank you!

Same with concerts. I find my self filming my favorite song and then when it's done I realize I barely listened to it.

That's truly sad.

But if I don't video it then how can I prove to my friends on social media that it actually happened?!

People need to be taught that behavior while watching fireworks should be same as in movie theatre. I could not find a place to watch fireworks yesterday because every minute someone has to turn on mega bright phone and take a picture with flash.

A flash?! For fireworks?!?

Makes tons on sense, ah?

I wonder if it's a bit of a zero sum:  chronicling the moment means not enjoying the moment. 

That sounds right. Either be in it, or be recording it.

First question to ask yourself when making plans: "Is this Instagram worthy?" 

And THEN resist the urge to Instagram it. Those are the truly great moments!

Once again, Louis CK comes through for me:

Why are you taping this? You're NEVER gonna watch it!

Instead you're gonna put it on Facebook -- "YOU watch it!"

Nobody's watching your videos on Facebook, I assure you.

Instead they won't watch it and just post things like "that's adorable... I think I see a future star!"

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