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Which US states are hot for solar power (map)?

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I can't see any logic here -- Nevada, California, and Texas should be way higher.

You would think, & at first thought...Florida (the sunshine state) should be another one on the high end of that list. Having lived in PA most of my life, then moving to FL I know my heating bills in PA were much higher than my cooling bills in FL. Probably because we used gas to heat in PA & electricity to cool in FL. Now realizing it's all a vicious cycle between gas & electricity, I think the states that are so overwhelmed with the high gas heating prices are a bit more ambitious to seek alternatives. I know first hand from running the green bidding company that Colorado took the lead with solar & green projects in general. Missouri seemed to be catching that train as well. From what this map displays I wonder if they're giving FL more credit than it's due, CA & OR probably deserve a bit more credit than given. But then, it's been a couple years so things could have changed.

Or maybe it's just that Florida, California, and Oregon have such big populations that per-capita they need to do more to move into the "A" zone.

Good point, however the thought of even more govt. projects (green or otherwise) coming out of CA sends chills up my spine. It might be a touch of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after having to cover that state....It just goes on forever. 

Anything in particular?

No, there really wasn't anything wrong with the projects or the amount of them, they all made for good business. It was simply the task of searching & finding bids relevant to our clients in a state that large that caused my PTSD. 

Sorry the state did that to you!

It wasn't really the state either, just a simple matter of not following my heart. In fact I long to be there as I haven yet to arrive. ;)

Lesson learned: Follow your heart.

I looked at the map and thought "OKLAFUCKINGHOMA?!?

Oklahoma marches by the beat of its own drum.

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