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Interactive Study Notes for ADHD Kids

A number of studies have shown that social media is decreasing our attention spans.

There is no going back.. we can only move forward!

How about building the technology that allows to study with shorter attention spans?

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Hi Rajan! I have never heard of notes tweeting at me. Not sure if this is a good idea, but it is unique.

It will learn what you learn and ask you questions for revision purpose.. if you reply with correct one.. it will say good words.. if you reply incorrectly, it will tell you the right answer :)

If you have to revise something today, it will remind you!

Although, we are not yet started with the machine learning part of it.

If someone uses texting but not Twitter, can it respond with texting?

It is clearly possible technology wise. Still need to understand the economics of it. e.g. costs etc.

Makes sense. I just figured not everyone uses Twitter.

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