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Disconnecting from the Internet for a year.

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Voluntarily. Apparently, it is possible.

Not if you're a webdev. :)

What the what?!

The first two weeks were a zen-like blur. I've never felt so calm and happy in my life. Never. And then I started actually getting stuff done. I bought copies of Homer, Plato, Aristotle, Herodotus, and Aeschylus. I was writing at an amazing pace. For the first time ever I seemed to be outpacing my editors.

Without the internet, everything seemed new to me. Every untweeted observation of daily life was more sacred. Every conversation was face to face or a phone call, and filled with a hundred fresh nuances. The air smelled better. My sentences seemed less convoluted. I lost a bit of weight.

Okay, at least he didn't give up the telephone.

he didn't lose the smug pretense either.

No, of course not. He's got smug to spare.

Say all the bad shit you want about this guy! He won't read it for 9 or so more months.

*said in joyful joking manner*

And even then, who has time to search the past?

Facebook and Twitter were designed to keep us focused on right now.

I'm assuming the first webpage he will go to will be, and in that case we're screwed in 9 months.

Well that gives us plenty of time to bury this page then. :)

Wow. Just like one of the cable shows where they take a family and make them live like pioneers until eventually only one makes it out alive. History vs. Survivor. Without Internet.

I wish they would make a Reality Show out of him so we could watch him on TV.

Or the Internet. I'd love to watch a guy without Internet, on the Internet. :)

It'll be almost as good as "No Impact Man" living in NYC. "What do you mean no Starbucks, electricity, diapers, TELEVISION, refrigeration--nobody will come to our parties!!!"

They can take my Internet, but they cannot have my Starbucks, my phone, or my TELEVISION!

We're trying to live in a society here. Civilization has needs. :)

Of course it does--Excuse me, I'm trying to order my grande hot cafe mocha no whip--or is that hot cafe grande mocha sans whip, grande mocha no whip hold the ice, add heat...

Civilization's too complex. Find me a prairie. With satellite:)

Oh! We have that in America! It's called "Kansas". :)

Why would anyone ever want to disconnect from the first global communications network? If you need time out, just take it. He's just angling for a book deal.

Heck, give me the book deal. I'll unplug, eat only weeds that I pick from my lawn, take a year and speak only in one syllable words... You name it:) Consider it done!

Self-publishing is the future, Dawn.

Spent a fortnight eating weeds from your lawn and then self-publish a Kindle Single.

(Be sure to give it a snappy title like 51 Shades of Grey.)

51 Shades of Green, and you've got a deal. Write the intro and I'll give you a cut.

Why Green? Because you're eating lawn weeds? :)

You got it, you can now write my forward. (P.S. Did you know that most lawn weeds are, in fact, edible--until you dump a big-ass pile of chemical salad dressing on them...I'd like some of that house dressing--what is that, the "Roundup ranch?"

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