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you want happiness? prove it.

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Hey hey!  Way to go, Emily Kate Moon!

I did not realize that Paul Simon said, “Proof is the bottom line for everyone.”

well, he sang it.  :)

and thank you, geege.

Why have I never heard this song before?!

i don't know!

I *did* hear this song before. 24 years ago. When I used to listen to this:

24 years ago... wow, has it really been that long?  i remember the first time i heard paul simon's "rhythm of the saints" album.  my cousin brought it over to my house.  she was 8 years older and she had much more elevated taste than i did.  i was confused why she had bought that old-person cd!!

this was more my scene:

Who knew that Marky Mark would become one of the finest actors of our generation?

Expand it outward:

Recent research by Melanie Rudd of University of Houston, Jennifer Aaker of Stanford University, and Michael Norton of Harvard Business School shows us that these concrete goals also make you happier when you’re trying to make others happy. 

Whether you're in heaven or in hell depends on your attitude:

This was an awesome read, Emily!  You sent my brain off connecting to other relevant things I've read and/or heard lately with each new point.  Well done.

thanks, seth!  i'm so happy to hear it sent your brain off in other directions, too!  woohoo!  :)

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