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Stanford Scientists Are Studying Altruism In The Free Pizza Subreddit

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After analyzing 5,700 free pizza requests, the researchers discovered that free pizza corresponded with a hierarchy of needs. The unemployed were most likely to receive free pizza, followed up by poor families. The least likely to eat pizza for free were the people who posted because they simply had a drunk hankering for it. Makes sense.

But researchers discovered a few other interesting factors, too. While they thought that shorter requests for pizza might be more effective, longer word counts actually proved more successful. So was expressing gratitude. Pledging to pay it forward was also another highly rewarding technique. Users who ended their requests by promising to do the same for someone else received more free pizza than those who didn’t. But at the same time, researchers discovered, only 10% of the people who said they would return the favor actually did.

Unlike crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, Random Acts of Pizza doesn’t give out rewards for delivering someone else a pizza. Only warm fuzzies. And researchers say that because of these unique conditions, they’ll be able to apply their techniques to even more communities like Reddit. They’ve set their sights on online philanthropy communities like DonorsChoose, in which people can donate to individual public school teachers’ classroom projects.

Seriously fascinating. Kindness isn't random.

Bonus points for the pizza graph.

total weaksauce that only 10% actually paid it forward!  words... words... words...

true datt, geege!!

Maybe pizza itself makes people too crazy to remember that?

Jennifer Lawrence Where's the Pizza gif tumblr

5700 free pizza requests, you say?

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