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‘Sharknado’ Is an Actual Movie About Tornadoes With Sharks in Them

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I'm definitely checking this on NetFlix. 

Did you see:

Sharktopus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

No, I missed it.  Looks amazing!

Check this out:  7 best/worst lines of Sharknado

7  "Sharks.  I never saw that coming."

"Sharks. I never saw that coming."

3. "Beverly Hills' emergency services are second to none."

"Beverly Hills' emergency services are second to none."

2.  "I'm not a stripper."  (relevance?)

"I'm not a stripper."

this looked horrible (i.e. hilarious) until I see it's on SihFee... nope

Agnes - thanks - it's on at 1 a.m. EST.  "Two-Headed Shark" is on now.  :)

Jason, there are video snippets at the buzzfeed link.

it's okay.. i refuse to support SihFee since they changed from SciFi. 

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The end of civilization.

A year later, we're still alive.

And still civilized enough to produce and air "Blood Lake:  Attack of the Killer Lampreys"  

TONIGHT on AnimalPlanet -

Oh geez, really?! This is what we get while we're waiting for Shark Week...

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