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Is leadership effectiveness all about acting?

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But does this make me a faker?There’s definitely an ethical question here.

I’ve posted similar thoughts before about the issue of “fake it ’til you make it.”

In my interview with Harvard leadership expert Gautam Mukunda, author of Indispensable: When Leaders Really Matter, he spoke about the power and limitations of impression management, and the ethical question it presents:

You’re performing. If you perform for long enough you can begin to inhabit the role. You can begin to change who you are… When you’re acting out these roles, what you’ve got to remember is you are changing yourself. Over time you will change yourself into that person, so it had better be the person you genuinely want to be.

We are feedback loops. We are the stories we tell.

If you keep asking "How am I not myself?" eventually the answer will come.

Is this movie worth netflixing?

yes!  how have you not seen the movie which your tag line comes from?

I don't even remember hearing about it! Weird. When did it come out?

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