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DARPA's ATLAS humanoid robot gears up for disaster response

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DARPA has revealed the completed ATLAS humanoid robot, which is to star in the upcoming DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC) – and it cuts a striking figure. Designed by Boston Dynamics (the guys behind the BigDog,Cheetah, and LS3 quadrupeds), it's being given to the top teams that recently competed in the Virtual Robotics Challenge (VRC). 

Plus:  Meet 2 robots facing off in DARPA challenge

Will this revolution be televised?

Just scanned the article again.  No mention of coverage. Will research tomorrow.

Shout out to Robot Launchpad?

I will find out - it's open to public at a speedway in Florida and I'll be doing some coverage .. remotely.

Awesome -- please let us know if you learn anything!

I bet humanoid robot could stamp out robot tarantula!

I have a gif of spider robot if you want it.

Please may I have your spider robot gif.

Thanks!  Spider sauce!

Oddly enough, not the first time the phrase "spider sauce" has been used on PandaWhale.

I put two robot spider gifs in there for you. The second one has the robot spider doing "the worm"!

By the way, I keep expecting the ATLAS at the top of this page to move.

But alas, it is not a gif. The DARPA ATLAS robot gif is here:

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