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40 Signs You Are a BuzzFeed Writer Running Out of List Ideas | Vanity Fair

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What it takes to get banned from BuzzFeed:

From that article we see that BuzzFeed does not have a sense of humor about itself:

It's not a knock on BuzzFeed's writers to say that pretty much anybody can write a story there. But if you make fun of them — and you're mean — you're liable to get banned.

That's the lesson Joe Veix learned when he signed up as a community contributor to the site, then wrote a satirical story titled "The Top 10 DUMBEST BuzzFeed Lists You're EMBARRASSED to say you CLICKED."

Veix's story, screengrabbed on his Tumblr, mocked the BuzzFeed tendency to make pretty much anything a list, and some of them weren't any more absurd than the real thing. Nodding to the site'shighly criticized "The Story of Egypt’s Revolution in ‘Jurassic Park’ GIFs," Veix added "The 25 HUNKIEST Egyptian Protestors [sic]."

He also switched the site's real-life "This Is the Guy Who Played Barney for Most of Your Childhood" (a "hot" guy, according to the author) with just a picture of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh. And Veix mocked BuzzFeed's sponsored posts with a glut of corporate logos titled "Top 20 Sponsored Posts You NEED to See!"

Anybody can sign up to write a post on the site, thanks to its BuzzFeed Community program, though it has to be approved first. The rules aren't immediately clear to new members, but community editor Cates Holderness tweeted, "There's a difference between satire and being mean-spirited."

Veix wrote on his Tumblr that "Within 15 minutes, it was deleted and I was banned from the site," and got sarcastic on Twitter.

Almost 4000 notes on Tumblr for Joe's stunt:

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