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Can Emotional Intelligence Help Stop Bullying? | LinkedIn

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"All those that worked had in common a core of active ingredients: they taught kids self-understanding, how to manage their emotions and impulses better, how to empathize and get along with other kids. In other words, they taught emotional intelligence."

I can't see how this wouldn't be of benefit to every child in every school.  High EQ correlates with success in every area of life.

They really should teach EQ in grade school. 

Small investment relative to payoff.  

I concur. But is there enough material for a full curriculum?

Perhaps the curriculum gets developed in a graduate department in a college of education and grad students / interns do *workshops* at area schools. 

There are existing programs that help entire families do better.  United Way's "Achievers for Life" targeting sixth graders at risk of academic failure is a great example.  Studies revealed that sixth grade success is critical to improving high school graduation rates.  Higher EQ for the entire family is a bonus.

Thank you, I had never heard of that. Looks like a good program.

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