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The-Awesomest-7-Year-Postdoc or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Tenure Track Faculty Life

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Seven things I did during my first seven years at Harvard. Or, how I loved being a tenure-track faculty member, by deliberately trying not to be one.

  • I decided that this is a 7-year postdoc.
  • I stopped taking advice.
  • I created a “feelgood” email folder.
  • I work fixed hours and in fixed amounts.
  • I try to be the best “whole” person I can.
  • I found real friends.
  • I have fun “now”.

1. She was good enough to get into Harvard so if she gets rejected for tenure, she'll find a job elsewhere.

2. How is this the lifestyle of a professor? Where's the push to publish tons of interesting stuff???

3. What the heck does the phrase "real friends" mean? If they ain't real, they ain't friends.

P.S. There are SO MANY good things in this article. A real gem!

Also, the OCD in me is being driven crazy by her being redundant with the monkey with its ears covered!

She should be scratching her head instead.

Yes! That would be so much better!

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