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Stackable Micro-house incorporates multi-functional living zones

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Micro-house, by Chinese firm Liu Lubin, is big enough to facilitate the basic needs that a...

This is neat. What's the price like?

Is it one of those ideas that seems good but would never work?

Can't find a price.   "The Micro-house makes it possible for people to have private housing product under current Chinese land policy.  

"The main material of the Micro-house is the Fiber Reinforced Form Composite Structure, which is light but strong. In this case, the Micro-house unit can be easily lifted and assembled by hand. For the convenience of transportation and replacement, the size of the unit is designed as the size of containers."  (Why not just live in a container?)

These houses are so micro they make a grad-student's conversion van look spacious.  

More info and gallery here:

It still could be an elaborate hoax. Could people really live in them?

Mother of God, Airbnb will rent you a box to sleep in, in New York, for $1367/month:

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