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VY Canis Majoris -- largest star ever discovered -- compared to our Sun and Earth...

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If you pay attention to the grid lines, our Earth fits within a fraction of the smallest grid line at the end of the gif. We small man, we small.

Now think about how big you are compared to an electron.

You are closer in size to the (observable) universe, than you are to a Planck scale object.

steve jobs mind blown gif

The most mind-blowing this about this is that VY Canis Majoris (the largest star) is less than 100 times heavier than the sun.

24 times, to be exact:

Here's the source video the gifs on top were created from:

Mercury up to VY Canis Majoris:

Mercury up to VY Canis Majoris

I'm significant screamed the dust speck. Calvin and Hobbes

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