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The universe in perspective. Planets and stars at scale... Including yo' mamma!

The universe in perspective - planets and stars at scale - yo mamma

Source: Just to put things into perspective...

Without Your Mom:

universe scale perspective

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Your momma so fat, she makes Betelgeuse look like Mars.

Oh snap!

Oh snap!


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Quarks to Quasars, baby!

scale2 gif scale for the size of the universe, from quarks to quasars tumblr Imgur

Awesome sauce:

Mother of God, this is eye-opening:

Universe in perspective

Look again at that dot. That's here. That's home. That's us. ~Carl Sagan

universe in perspective

Earth to the other Planets: "You guys have no life."

Earth to planets - you have no life

Scale Universe and Your Mom gif Imgur

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