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The Tale of Quora (D'Angelo's Scoble Rage)

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Quora Rage

The true story of Adam D'Angelo's horrible product sense.

Scoble's Quora answer to why Scoble is not on Quora is like Inception.

Can I get an Amen?

Old news, I know, but I wanted to document the history of Quora in the noble medium of Rage comics.

You have a true talent or this.

It's fascinating to re-read Scoble's Is Quora the biggest blog innovation in 10 years?

Yes, it is interesting. A little piece of history from the days of Quora hype :)

The piece by Suster linked in that article is also interesting, though there's a lot of overlap in what they say:

  • good SEO
  • upvoting / game mechanics
  • following topics

As time goes by, I'm increasingly convinced that both people and topics are too big to follow in a high-velocity system. Well, perhaps not for you, who is capable of consuming content straight from the firehose!

But for ordinary mortals, I think it really is the intersection of topic and person that you want to be the fundamental building block of your feed, NOT the union of person and topic.

Also, trolls are a good thing!

The presence of trolls means that your community is alive and interesting.

Intersection of topic and person is really interesting.

Most other services pick one or another -- or, as you pointed out, both.

By the way, after working his way through Twitter, then Quora, then Google+ and Facebook subscribe, Scoble is back blogging again.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

I tweeted this convo out to @Quora and @Scobleizer. I wonder if I'll get any responses >:)


Nothing to do here. Nope.



A "Rage Against Quora" board is hosted on Quora:

Some other rage comics about Quora:

I just noticed that the source URL of this convo is:

Quora raises $50m at $400m valuation from Peter Thiel.

Well played, sir. Well played.

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