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The Manager Who Lost the North - Sean Rose - Quora

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Fascinating that this was originally a Medium post:

Frankly, it's much more readable on Medium than it is on Quora.

I didn't realize people were reblogging from Medium to Quora. That alone is fascinating.

I will try to track down to the source from now on. "Turtles all the way down"

Oh, and tl;dr on this article is:

1. Honor your partnerships. (Rob breaks his word to Walder Frey.)

2. Set your people up for success. (Rob sends Theon back to his father to ask a favor.)

3. Don't lose sight of the big picture. (Tywin sets up alliances, marriages, etc.)

The money quote:

As a manager, you're responsible for people. That’s it. You have one job. The situations those people are in, the paths they are set down, the resources they have - those are all your responsibilities. You're supposed to be setting them up for success. When they're set up for disaster, it’s because you allowed them to be set up for disaster.