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Sad Software: Skype in Hell


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So, I go ahead and purchase Skype Premium for $10/month so I can screenshare with more than one person.  After the purchase, my screen sharing no longer works reliably.  Even with just two people, the refresh locks up after a minute.  I have to keep unsharing and resharing at a minute at a time. 

I go to the customer support page.  There's tons and tons of user forums, none of which have exactly what my issue is, and in fact, I probably wouldn't know because the forum search cuts off the exact issue at so many characters doing the search. 

I finally find a support link for Skype Premium.  It asks me to sign in even though I am already signed into skype and got to the page through the help menus.  I try all combinations of skype name and email addresses I have registered for the account and none work using my stored skype password.  I try all my other passwords and all other combinations even though I know the stored password that works with signing into skype.  Too many login tries.

I can get around that, I'll just reset the password.  No email account associated with the skype account is recognized by the password reset form.  Really frustrated now, I try to go to the support page from my already signed in account.  Same result, even though I can get signed in to review my account and make any changes, when I go to the customer support link it wants me to sign in again.  Finally I go to help-->feedback.  I write a nice detailed list of the steps I took what didn't work, outlined my premium purchase and hit submit.  The skype client gets stuck in the screen above.  Start/Restart don't work and apparently all my kind, well thought out and detailed feedback is lost.  Not to be detered.  I stop and exit the skype client, launch and log back in, write a well thought out and polite but slightly less detailed piece of feedback and hit submit.  Same thing.  Once again, same thing--why did I think it would be any different.  Apparently Microsoft/Skype think it's okay to screw their premium customers.  So my feedback is, DON'T SCREW THE CUSTOMERS THAT WANT TO GIVE YOU MONEY AND USEFUL FEEDBACK ON YOUR PRODUCT.  Thinking about it, that's probably good advice. 

Yes, that's excellent advice. I have come to appreciate how hard it is to write good software.

I guess the focus is on the software which works pretty well, except for a few things.  The hard part is the whole IT operations, purchasing, and customer service that goes around the product which seems pretty crappy at this point.

Not just for Skype, but for most software.

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