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A Cheap Spying Tool With a High Creepy Factor -

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Each box cost $57. He produced 10 of them, and then he turned them on – to spy on himself. He could pick up the Web sites he browsed when he connected to a public Wi-Fi – say at a cafe – and he scooped up the unique identifier connected to his phone and iPad. Gobs of information traveled over the Internet in the clear, meaning they were entirely unencrypted and simple to scoop up.

Even when he didn’t connect to a Wi-Fi network, his sensors could track his location through Wi-Fi “pings.” His iPhone pinged the iMessage server to check for new messages. When he logged on to an unsecured Wi-Fi, it revealed what operating system he was using on what kind of device, and whether he was using Dropbox or went on a dating site or browsed for shoes on an e-commerce site. One site might leak his e-mail address, another his photo.

“Actually it’s not hard,” he concluded. “It’s terrifyingly easy.”

Also creepy – which is why he called his contraption “creepyDOL.”

“It could be used for anything depending on how creepy you want to be,” he said.

I believe the operative phrase is "terrifyingly easy".

Creepy, easy, whatever.  Why are we in technology not interested in guarding the personal information of our users?

developing security is tough. making a product do what it was intended to do is often hard enough. no economic incentive exists yet for security (besides for malware guys and security product guys)

I agree with you, Jared. It's all about money. There's more money in NOT guarding personal information.

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